Sunday, 30 November 2014

To Young to Get Work Done?

I’m all for people doing what they want with their bodies, I’m just not sure if people are getting cosmetic surgery waaaaaayy too young.

I have very conflicting opinions on whether people should just be happy with what they have, or shape themselves to what they want to be, because I feel teenagers are under a lot of internal and external pressures to fit into certain borderlines within society. I’m speaking in purely cosmetic terms when I say surgery, I mean like nose jobs, boob jobs, face lifts and that sort of thing. I know a couple of people who want nose jobs, they are both 17, and I think it’s a terrible idea. When I talk to them about it, the conversation can go one of two ways… Sometimes, I channel my inner rebellious teen, who’s just like “yeah, do what you want, bro!” and sometimes, I’m that overbearing, protective parent who’s just screaming “THINK OF THE CONSEQUENCES!”

Fair enough they are both perfectly capable of making big decisions about their lives, e.g. getting jobs, applying for universities, deciding what to do for the rest of their lives… but these are all decisions you are supposed to mess up. If anything, now is the time to fuck up, because people will just accept that you are young and therefore stupid. But then again these are all fuck ups you can recover from. Obviously, if the job goes THAT BADLY you can get corrective surgery, however, for a nose job, that’s an additional £3,000 on an already expensive £4,000 surgery. But why would you waste your money on something that’s a bad idea in the first place? There is a 50/50 chance that you’ll be pleased with the result and if I’m honest I just don’t think it’s worth it. Being pretty won’t fix your life; pretty people have problems too!

General rule of thumb is, learn to love yourself and accept your flaws. I guess if people feel like they need surgery to achieve this, then go for it, just make sure you do it FOR YOURSELF!

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